We pride ourselves in providing certified products.

Our premium Australian milk powders are produced in modern facilities operated in accordance with strict Australian regulations.  Our facilities and staff exceed standards required by Australian and international authorities on food safety and quality.

We conform to strict Internationally recognised food safety management and quality assurance systems such as BRC, ISO and HACCP and currently hold certifications for these. We hold licences required by the Australian Government for the manufacture and export of Australian dairy products and we have the ability to export to any markets globally with ease.  Our factories are accredited by CNCA as approved premises for manufacturing dairy products for export to China.

Thrive Milk Australia Certified by Australian Made and Australian Government among others
We proudly display the Australian Made Australian Owned kangaroo logo which is Australia’s most trusted and recognized symbol for goods that are made in Australia. The logo is synonymous with the high standards of production and manufacturing in Australia. It is a registered certification trademark and can only be used on products which meet the criteria set out in Australian consumer Law and the AMAG stringent code of practice.