We pride ourselves in providing quality products.

Our milk is sourced from Australia’s renowned dairy regions which consists of clean, green, open fields surrounded by mountains and no pollution. The relaxed lifestyle of dairy farms cows in this pristine environment is one of the reasons that milk from this region is of the finest quality. 

Our products are blended in modern factories that comply with strict Australian regulations.  We adopt great care and precision in the production and packaging process.  We absolutely guarantee that no product will leave our facility without being compliant with the high standards of Australian food certification, right down to the very last granule.

We take product security and authenticity very seriously and we want to be certain that any product under our brand is authentic and produced by us.  Each tin in our infant range of products is digitally etched with a QR Code known as a Trust Code which can be scanned to guarantee authenticity of our product. 

Trust Codes
You can be reassured by scanning this code that your product is safe as this system provides traceability for our products and a digital fingerprint for each and every tin.

We are also pleased to offer a service to supply “OEM” branded products to clients upon request. We can assist in design, production, packing, international freight logistics and any other part of the supply process if required. Please contact us for any inquiries.